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LONDON — When Holly Brockwell first went to doctors four years ago — then aged 26 — asking for a sterilisation, she was refused for being "too young" and told she would one day change her mind. Now aged 30, Brockwell — who has never wanted children — has finally been sterilised after a four-year battle.

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Her struggle to get access to the procedure 20s dating site an outpouring of support — as well as scorn — on social media, and other women came forward to share their experiences of being refused sterilisations during their twenties. SEE ALSO: Access 20s dating site abortion in the UK isn't as legally solid as you think Although Brockwell succeeded in her fight for the procedure, her case — and that of many other women who were also refused — raises an important question: why are women in their twenties being refused sterilisations?

She says that doctors told her she was too young at 26 years of age, despite her boyfriend having been offered a vasectomy at the age of That's true, but surely the 20s dating site goes for people who are having children? Not an isolated incident Brockwell is not the only woman who has had this type of experience.

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Kirstie, 32, first inquired about sterilisation when she was in her early twenties. I'm a grown woman yet my autonomy is still in question," she says.

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Kirstie continued to ask doctors for the procedure, but it's only recently — after an infection from an IUD brought on a medical condition — that her doctors are considering her request "valid. She says that her doctor said no medical 20s dating site would consider her for sterilisation until she was at least 32 years of age.


When she explained her situation and her wish to be sterilised, she was told that she would change her mind. When Annie first asked 20s dating site for a sterilisation at the age of 27, she was met with "an outright no. While Annie has never wanted children, the motivation behind her desire to get a sterilisation also comes from the chronic pain caused by polycystic ovary syndrome, which she says is ruining her life.

When I said all this to my doctor, he said 'wait until you get married,'" Annie continued. Amanda, who has two children, has requested sterilisation three times.

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When she was 28 years old, she approached doctors for a sterilisation, but was refused because she was "too young" and warned she could "get broody later in life". Amanda says that doctors told her that "if one or both of my children died, I would want to 'replace' them.


In the UK, two main types of female sterilisation are used; tubal occlusion — the most common procedure, where fallopian tubes are blocked using clips or rings — or hysteroscopic sterilisation, which involves using implants to block the fallopian tubes. According to the the NHS, Britain's national health service, female sterilisation "can be a fairly minor operation, with many women returning home the same day.

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Is there an age restriction? The short answer is once you're an adult, no. But the reality, as many women have discovered, is more complicated.

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NHS advice states that "surgeons are more willing to perform sterilisation when women are over 30 years old and have had children, although some younger women who have never had a baby choose it. A spokesperson for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE told Mashable it does not issue guidelines about eligibility for sterilisation services, so best practice guidance does 20s dating site make mention of any age restriction when it comes to sterilisation.

The 'risk of regret' According to the RCOG, "additional care must be taken when counselling individuals under the age of 30 years or individuals without children 20s dating site request sterilisation," a statement echoed 20s dating site NICE guidelines, which say doctors must assess the "risk for later regret" in people under 30 and those without children.

However, these guidelines are not mandatory. However, one of the studies cited by RCOG in its guidelines about unders states that "most women who choose sterilisation do not regret their decision". These guidelines outline how female sterilisation should be discussed by doctors, but the RCOG does not have the authority to enforce this guidance.

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Under these guidelines, doctors must explain to people requesting sterilisation the risk of regret, the difficulties in reversing the procedure and other associated risks; all of which are reiterated in a consent form requiring the signatures of the patient and doctor. But even with these steps in place women still feel like they're not being afforded the opportunity to make up their own minds. Following Brockwell's high-profile case, women's rights organisations have weighed in, with some arguing that social attitudes towards childless women play a role making the sterilisation option less accessible.

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The Fawcett Society's Chief Executive Sam Smethers told Mashable that mothers are judged harshly by society and those who choose not to become mothers are judged the 20s dating site of all.

Including free to choose sterilisation.

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