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Vaishnavi DesaiAcum 7 luni Borat 2 is brilliant. Yes, Borat 1 will forever be iconic and in my opinion, better but Borat 2 and it's timing couldn't be better. Shuvo AmitAcum 7 luni Borat is the alter ego of Sacha? Or Sacha is the alter ego of Borat?

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Johnny VectorAcum 7 luni Unfortunately I don't borat dating skit "My Brother, Borat" ever surfaced online anywhere except for the odd bit of footage used on television. Farid A. I'm glad you enjoyed. Search for those on ROblocks and they'll be the first result.

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MladjanAcum 7 luni Does anyone know the name of the music in the backround? Benjamin StreetAcum 7 luni Historically accurate and well researched. Fun fact: Borat speaks Hebrew throughout the films with a little Polish.

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Uzi AladoganAcum 7 luni iLolek not true! He was born in London! You can also hear it from his accent.

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Borat dating skit Bagatov is Armenian! The SeperatorAcum 7 luni For those who only watched Borat 1 and 2 and loved the character, please go watch the Ali G show.

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It is filled with episodes with the Borat character. I GAcum 7 luni Borat on the Ali G show felt so much more organic, I personally don't find the movies that funny they feel too hollywood and toned down from the original Borat Johnny VectorAcum 7 luni Totally agree.

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Ali G Show is a must watch. It's not worth it.

Нуматака чуть не расхохотался во весь голос. Он знал, что это трюк. Корпорация «Нуматек» сделала очень крупную ставку на новый алгоритм Танкадо, и теперь кто-то из конкурентов пытается выведать ее величину. - У вас есть ключ? - сказал Нуматака с деланным интересом. - Да.

He should have just left it with the first one and instead do something else new. This could even be his downfall.

The first one was fresh but this. Kari BuAcum 6 luni You can't expect the 1st brilliant piece of work, to be followed by a better 2nd or 3rd piece of work It's never as good as the first. Just enjoy it for what it is Johnny VectorAcum 7 luni I think you're right in some ways.

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Baron Cohen's recent projects, like The Brothers Grimsby, haven't been as successful as his older stuff. That might be part of the motivation. Thanks for the comment.

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Instead we got Rami Malek and I liked his performance. Especially his guide to the USA.

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