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Campaign[ edit ] The electoral campaign for the first round started on 2 October and ended on 30 October Igor Dodon[ edit ] Logo of Dodon's campaign Igor Dodon announced that he intended to run for reelection as an independent candidate on 9 September Dodon thought that running as a party's candidate could open the way for his opponents to contest the legitimacy of his participation at the constitutional court.

The CEC declared that he would be listed fourth on the ballot if registered.

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Shortly after doing this, he announced that he was not going to make use of billboards and that he would not, at least in the first round, take part in any debates. Bune primele lineri online dating key pillars of his campaign were preserving Moldova's territorial sovereignty, strengthening the social security system and promoting Christian and family values.

On 2 OctoberSandu officially launched her campaign. During her campaign launch event, Sandu held 2 speeches, one in Romanian and one in Russian, promising to fight corruptionpoverty and to reform the criminal justice system.

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On 26 AugustUsatîi posted a YouTube compilation video with people expressing support for his bune primele lineri online dating and claimed that tens of thousands of people asked him to run for president. Later, it was announced that he would be listed first on the ballot.

Usatîi's campaign officially started on 2 October During his campaign launch event, he promised to serve and represent the people, fight corruption and nepotism and solve all issues faced by voters.

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Usatîi accused him of spending a week in a luxury resort financed by taxpayer money, [41] fabricating opinion polls, [42] illegally spying on his campaign [43] and attempting to rig the election by paying Moldovan citizens from Transnistria to vote for him. In Augustseveral media outlets speculated that Ivanov was going to participate in the presidential election.

2020 Moldovan presidential election

Her campaign prioritized regional developmentimprovements in agriculturestrengthening the social security and healthcare systems and fighting corruption. On 15 October, Năstase publicly asked Sandu to withdraw her candidacy and endorse him for president.

He espoused separation of powersemphasizing the need to reduce corruption in the judiciary.

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He also promised to defend human rights of all citizens, including minorities, and to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. His program underlined five main priorities: snap parliamentary elections, ending the international isolation of Moldova, reunification of Moldova's infrastructure with that of Romania, adapting Moldova's education system to Romanian standards and forming a unified security system with Romania and NATO.

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During his campaign, Chirtoacă repeatedly accused incumbent president Dodon of cooperating with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federationsharing secret documents with Russian security agencies and being financed by Russia. Many memes were spread on Moldovan social media based on this statement of Dodon.

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Mindful of this result, Sandu warned supporters about "potential for foreign interference and fraud to affect the outcome".

Because of the COVID pandemicat most three candidates were simultaneously present at each debate. Televised debates.

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