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Femei singure cu numar de telefon - Adelia Kalifa

Femeie, 26, Necasatorit a Bucuresti Romania sunt mereu calma si sunt in cautarea adevarata a dragostei It's my first time here, I will define my personality as conscientiousness, humble and agreeableness.

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I'm new to this whole experience. I'm a very young looking, attractive and young-in-spirit woman. However, I'm also very intelligent, intuitive, discerning, articulate and successful.

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I enjoy the finer things in life and enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I'm also very down-to-earth and grounded. I enjoy a variety of activities ranging from trips to anywhere, dining out, movies, long drives, going to the pool, taking walks and just hanging out.

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I'm romantic and have a desire to be with a caut femeie cu număr de telefon who is both down to earth but has an edge of excitement. I like to try new things, I enjoy spending quality time, I love a growth mindset and working out.

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I would like to meet someone who is kind, humble, funny, honest, and most of all a man that knows what he wants. I'm a great cook and love to share the kitchen with my partner.

It's possible if you had a long day, I will ask you to take a long bath and relax while I fix dinner and it's possible I prepare a bubble bath with a chilled glass of champagne or wine for you. I love being out in nature. I love to dancetravel and working out I want a man that likes to kiss and cuddle.

I'm looking for someone that is a healer and into holistic lifestyle to retire with.

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