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The dating griswold cast fier pan sentences are taken from phone calls. Imagine the reply before or after each of them.

 Ты волнуешься о Дэвиде. Ее верхняя губа чуть дрогнула.

Tell which type of conversational strategy they belong to. Establish in which part of the conversation on the phone it appears. Thanks for calling. Just a moment, please. Which extension do you want? I must have dialled the wrong number. Good morning, can I help you? Can you repeat, please?

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Could we meet some time soon? Would morning or afternoon suit you best? Sorry, the line is busy.

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Translate the following texts and comment upon the reasons why lack of communication becomes humorous: a. A fellow dialled his home telephone number.

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I say, dear, will it be all right if I bring home a couple of fellows to dinner? Of course you can, dear. Smithson, Smithson and Smithson?

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Write dialogues beginning from the following stories, using your past experiences or your imagination in shaping the situation: a. You are at home alone. Suddenly the telephone rings.

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You pick up the receiver and hear a strange voice at the other end of the line… b. How do you start the conversation and how do you continue it? A slight acquaintance calls you on the phone to invite you at a party. The Indicative Mood — simple and continuous tenses. In the English language the tenses have two aspects, simple and continuous, with different usage and meanings, while in Romanian we have only tenses, without aspect.

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This is the first difficulty in understanding the English system. The second one is the fact that the features of simple and continuous are different for present, on one hand, and for the other tenses, on the other hand. Have you a book? Present Continuous - momentary actions in the present adverbs: now, at the moment today, tonight this ………. Do you often have a shower?

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Past continuous expresses an action in the past which is durative, progressive, in development from moment 1 to moment dating griswold cast fier pan in the past. Examples: I read yesterday.

I was reading from three to five yesterday. Present simple Present continuous Permanent action in the present Momentary action in the present Past simple Past continuous Momentary action in the past Progressive action in the past Comparing the types of actions in the table above, we notice that present continuous and past simple are momentary actions and correspond to each other on the two axes, while present simple and past continuous designate longer developments, but in different ways present simple without expressing a progress and a certain beginning or a certain end of the action, dating griswold cast fier pan continuous with marked progression and certain moments on the trajectory.

Do the following exercises: 1.

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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: a. I make cakes. That is why my hands are covered with flour. I not understand what you wait for. I am sorry I not come to class lately.

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I work late in the evenings for this fortnight.

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