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Calendar of Meetings in The objects of the Academy are: 1. To promote the progress and uphold the cause of science, dating în pune kothrud in pure and applied branches. To co-operate with the existing Provincial Academies having similar objects, and with others when founded.

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To encourage and publish important researches in the branches of science comprehended by the Academy and to represent internationally the scientific work of India. To undertake, control and direct scientific enterprises of all-India significance and to participate in similar international activities.

To collect, sort out and disseminate information concerning the industrial, economic and labour problems relating to India and other progressive countries. To publish books, memoirs, journals, proceedings and transactions relating to scientific researches in pure and applied branches initiated by the Academy and those conducted under the direction of Provincial Academies, the Universities and Government Scientific Institutions.

To organise and arrange for the meetings of the Congresses, Committees and Conferences for reading dating în pune kothrud discussing papers submitted to the Academy, advising Dating în pune kothrud and other bodies on scientific and other matters referred to the Academy and to co-operate with the National Research Council when instituted.

To secure and administer funds, grants and endowments for the furtherance of scientific research.

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To undertake and execute all other acts which shall assist in and promote the usefulness, aims and purposes of the Academy. The Academy shall not make any profit nor award bonus to any of its members but may pay remuneration to the members of its permanent staff. In addition, it may make awards of prizes and research grants to individuals and organisations for the advancement of scientific knowledge.

In the scientific method lies a validity and universality which transcends any other principle devised by man. Science seeks and discovers, cutting across sectarian, national and ideological frontiers. Raman, Nobel Laureate, endeavours by all means at its disposal to promote the progress and uphold the cause of science, both in pure and applied branches.

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The Academy has laid the responsibility on all its Fellows, individually and collectively, of promoting original research and of disseminating scientific knowledge to the community, through its activities of organizing meetings, discussions, seminars, symposia and publications. The Academy recognizes the special relationship of scientific creative activity with the process of education and holds that the course of discovery includes the identification and nurturing of scientific talent amongst the young.

Aware of the fundamental contributions science and technology can and must make to national regeneration, the Academy upholds that site- ul mic dating principle of social responsibility for all scientific effort, individual or corporate, is entirely consistent with individual freedom and that the quest for knowledge and truth cannot be reconciled with any dogma.

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Dating în pune kothrud order to meet the needs of the times, the Council of the Academy has carefully considered the steps to be taken to further the objects of the Academy. The other steps proposed are aimed at: a ensuring that there is full representation in the Academy of all branches of science, fundamental and applied; b placing special emphasis on bringing into the fold of the Academy, through election to the Fellowship, outstanding young scientists; c promoting high quality journals in order to provide publication opportunities to Indian scientists at the international level; d conducting dating în pune kothrud and seminars and encouraging other similar activities in order to provide means of exchange of scientific knowledge among scientists and to bring new knowledge to the attention of the whole scientific community; e recognizing further, and honouring excellence in various areas of science by the institution of special awards in the form of medals, lectureships, etc.

The Academy affirms that the rightful place for science and the men who rigorously cultivate it can be assured in society primarily through their devotion to the principles dating în pune kothrud objectivity, integrity and freedom from dogmas rather than through any formal processes of recognition.

Not unmindful of the crucial role the Academy can play in national regeneration, the Academy adheres to the belief that this ideal would be best served by preserving the independence of the Academy from all official, State or Organization-related channels. In a country beset with prejudices, rules and bureaucratic formalisms, it is of the greatest value that working scientists, specially Fellows of the Academy, promote by personal as well as collective example, the principle of rational thought of function and relevance, rather than precedents.

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By applying rigorous standards of scientific criticism at all levels in a constructive sense, the Academy considers that the scientific community has a unique contribution to make not only to the flowering of science in India but also to national character. The Academy shall consist of Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

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A record shall be maintained in the Office of the Academy of their names, the dates of their election, and their signatures in token of formal admission to the Academy.

Fellows 2.

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The Council shall from time to time regulate the size of the Fellowship keeping the General Body informed of any changes, and not more than 35 Fellows shall normally be elected each year. Honorary Fellows 3. Honorary Dating online nazi are persons who have been elected as such by the Academy by reason of their distinguished contributions to science.

There shall be not more than sixty Honorary Fellows at any time and not more than three shall be elected in any one year. Scientists of all nations are eligible for election as Honorary Fellows.

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Every Fellow shall, on admission, pay an admission fee of Rs and an annual fee of Rs The working year of the Academy shall begin on the 1st day of April, but the annual dating în pune kothrud shall become due on the 1st day of the calendar year and shall be paid on or before the 31st day of March of the year. New Fellows shall pay the annual fee for the year in which they are admitted to the Fellowship, within three months of the date of their admission.

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Only Fellows who have paid their dues within the prescribed period will be dating în pune kothrud as in good standing. Life Composition 8.

Apartament De Închiriat În Kothrud, Pune

All those who are or may become Fellows of the Academy and who have paid the entrance fee may at any time compound their liability for payment of the annual fee in accordance with the following rules: a by payment of Rs in a single sum or by instalments spread over a period not exceeding twelve months. Fellows who have paid life composition before the revised Statutes came into force in May will continue to enjoy all privileges without any further payment.

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Subventions 9. Donations The Academy may accept donations from Central and State Governments, Corporate Bodies, Industrial Organizations, Universities and individuals interested in promoting scientific advancement.

Subscriptions The Office of the Academy shall be located at its premises in Bangalore. The affairs and property of the Academy shall be administered by a Council of 20, consisting of the President, four Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, two Secretaries, and twelve other members.

The Council shall be elected by the Fellows triennially. Election to the Fellowship, to the Honorary Fellowship and to the Council of the Academy shall be by electronic or postal ballot, the procedure for such ballot being as stated below.


The Council may, however, in its discretion make such changes in it and in the calendar of dates, as it deems fit from time to time. No procedural irregularity not affecting the merits shall vitiate any election or proceedings. Fellows Nomination papers for the Fellowship shall be received at the Office of the Academy by the 31st day of May of each year. Every candidate for Fellowship shall be proposed and recommended by two Fellows in good standing, one of whom shall undertake the responsibility of acting as proposer and the other one as seconder respectively, in so far that panda dating site communications on the subject of the candidature shall take place with one of these. | NEWS + EVENTS | Two weeks in Rome

The proposal, which will be in the prescribed form, shall specify the name, position, qualifications and usual place of residence of the candidate. It shall also include a statement by the proposer setting out the discovery, invention or other outstanding contributions to knowledge made by the candidate.

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A list of the scientific publications by the candidate dating în pune kothrud also be sent as a separate statement attached to this form.

The form shall bear the signatures of the proposer and seconder. It will, however, be open to any Fellow to indicate his support of the candidate by writing directly to the Office of the Academy by the 31st of May. The proposer shall be responsible for informing the candidate of the obligation to be subscribed to and of the payments to be made to the Academy on being admitted as a Fellow.

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A consolidated list of candidates whose nomination papers are in order, as also of the candidates nominated but not elected in the two preceding years, shall be prepared by the Office of the Academy, the names being arranged in alphabetical order, and sent to the Fellows 9 before the second week of November, together with a brief account of the qualifications of the candidates. The list of nominations shall be considered by the Council at a meeting held for the purpose and the Council shall recommend for election names of not more than 35 candidates from the list.

The names recommended by the Council oficial vs dating neoficial election shall be sent in a balloting paper to all the Fellows, by the second week of December. Any Fellow is at liberty to delete from the balloting list any of the names recommended by the Council. He may also substitute for the names thus deleted any other names from the dating în pune kothrud of valid nominations circulated to the Fellows previously.

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