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This paper is devoted to the study of the synopticdynamical conditions that contributed to the development of an rare explosive cyclogenesis event occurred at the beginning of winter in southwestern Romania, more precisely between 2nd and 3th of December, The oyo și kristine dating pressure observed was ,2 hPa, the lowest ever observed record in the surface of Sulina observation station, and also over the western side of Black Sea during period and It was found that the cyclone was not a regular one, but a oyo și kristine dating meteorological bomb one where the central pressure at sea level has recorded an important decrease at about 32,3 hPa in 24 hours, equivalent with 1,7 Bergeron.

Comparative by XX century storms Lothar and Martin level 2 and 1 on hurricane scale which desolated western and central Europe in Decemberthis case of explosive cyclogenesis can be considered one of the extreme for our area concerning both meteorological view as well as the effects. Key words: explosive cyclogenesis, Bergeron unit, meteorological bomb. An analysis of the meteorological conditions, such as the heat flux and moisture budget, upper-air circulation features, has been performed by Gyakum and Danielson and by Strahl and Smith Analyzing a large number of bomb events in a time period of one week over the Pacific, they found that large surface heat fluxes are crucial in the case of explosive cyclogenesis.


Recently, Nielsen and Sass in their study about North Sea severe storms have also identified the dynamic precursors such as potential vorticity PV generated by latent heat that brings a major contribution to the deepening of the studied cyclone. Closer to our geographical area, in the Oyo și kristine dating sea, where happen the most frequent cyclogenesis that influence the Romanias weather-climatic condition especially during the cold season, some important studies have been done by Lagouvardos and Michele Conte This work is dedicated to the investigation of a rare explosive cyclogenesis event happened over the South-Eastern of Romania territory and western side of Black Sea Basin, when an absolute record for the lowest atmospheric pressure ,2 hPa has been recorded at Sulina meteorological station on December 2 3, This value has been with 37 hPa lower than the previous observed with 23 hours before.

Sustained winds and gale winds in eastern Romanian territory and western Black Sea exceeded in average m s-1with gusts up to 38 m s-1, and they resulted in all the harbors were closed, the trees were lied down, the roofs were dislocated and damaged, the power supply network was interrupted and the wind power supplier was out of order.

oyo și kristine dating

The gradual filling of cyclone slowly evolved in the next 15 hours only 4 hPa pressure difference from the lowest one till it was reached the mature stage. The bomb analyzed in this work had a Mediterranean Aegean origin, and its evolution occurred on an unusual trans-balkanic trajectory Fig.

Sorodoc and revised by Ecaterina Ion-Bordei It was conclude that the oyo și kristine dating deepening of the cyclone was associated with a short and rapid trough system Stratospheric dry air intrusion - Figure 4 athat, upon the influence of a very intense subtropical upper-level jet, has merged into a steady baro-clinic low-tropospheric environment still existent on the sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria.

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Prior to the rapid cyclogenesis, the growing trough acquired a negative tilt intensifying the process Gaza and Bosar, The significant level of the surface latent heat diabatic heat released within the cyclone, during its explosive phase that generates an intense low-levels vortex potential vorticity values observed at about 3 to 5 PVU for at least 9 hourshas contributed as a crucial factor to its rapid deepening.

Blog dating din londra most recent studies show that subsequent intensification could be the result of the apparition and growing of a diabatic Rossby wave DRW and of the nonlinear interaction of his short wave mezo-scale km with the upper-level disturbance Morre and Montgomery, This is the first approach to the synoptic setting of this kind of cyclogenesis event over Romanian territory.

Sanders and Gyakum presented the first complete climatological study over this subject when they introduced the notion of explosive cyclone development or bomb cyclogenesis.

oyo și kristine dating

But their study had focused over the Pacific and North Atlantic regions. In time, many other authors have come with additional interpretations.

oyo și kristine dating

Recently, few investigations were made in the Mediterranean Basin, but some Greek and Italian authors such as Lagouvardos and Brunetti have focused upon this area. The Mediterranean Sea, due to its complex and particular geographical oyo și kristine dating as a closed and warm sea, is the reason why these phenomena are relatively frequent. Because oyo și kristine dating phenomenon is very rare at the latitude of Romania, and the majority of cyclogenesis have Mediterranean origins, we have considered useful to have as important reference the studies made by Brunetti and Moretti in the entire Mediterranean Sea Basin.

From to79 such events have occurred over the Mediterranean Sea, a medium of 3 events per year. The meteorological bombs started in October and ended in May. A maximum of events happened in December 18 eventswhen the sea is still very warm, followed by Oyo și kristine dating with 15 events and the minimum of events happened in May.

The biggest drop of 1,59 Bergeron has been Figure 1. The 25 years geographic reached only once on the 21st of distribution of the meteorological bomb events cases number. Oyo și kristine dating to in January,when the pressure the entire Mediterranean Sea Basin Brunetti reached 27 hPa in 24 hours at the and Moretti latitude of 39N. Similar events have never been recorded during June, July, August and September.

Brunetti and Moretti provided also a very useful 9 M. NICHITA list of the meteorological bombs from the Mediterranean Sea, which contains the date, the initial and final pressure values and also the differences between them, the recorded Bergeron value, las pinas dating latitude and longitude of the maximum deepening, the geographical area, the type of cyclogenesis eg.

An important cyclogenesis is the Aegean type Fig. The Bomb frequency events over refer to a strong bomb.

oyo și kristine dating

At that time the weather station Sulina reported an extraordinary pressure fall of 37,5 hPa in 24 hours Fig. There are a lot of studies starting with Sanders and Gyacum that describe the synoptic upper air aspects of explosive cyclogenesis.

Examining a number of cases, Bruce and Elmar made an analytical study of continental bombs development over the Eastern United States, making comparisons between a regular cyclogenesis and an explosive one. They found significant signatures especially in divergence, vorticity advection and tendency, latent heating and static stability which allow distinctions between bombs and regular cyclones.

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More recently, according to Parker and Thorpeand also to Morre and Montgomeryreexamining the dynamics of short-scale, they established that the diabatic Rossby waves growth mechanism DRW may play an important role, being considered a precursor for an explosive cyclogenesis. Data and Methods The method used in this work has been discovered by Tor Bergeronwho studied for the first time the synoptic climatology and the motion of this process on the extra-tropical cyclones from the North Atlantic Ocean.

He has established the following principle to identify a meteorological bomb that is used till today: the pressure in the center of cyclone must decrease with at least 1hPa per hour during a period of 24 hours. The Bergeron definition, undertaken by Sanders and Gyakum to analyze the concept of explosive cyclogenesis bombhad as reference the 60N latitude.

The Bergeron formula allows us to obtain a critic NDRc ratio normalized deepening rate of central pressure according to the latitude we want to use.

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NICHITA The measure obtained oyo și kristine dating Bergeron indicates the decreasing speed of the atmosphere pressure in the depression center settled to certain latitude. The critic ratio of 1B is considered a threshold value for an explosive cyclogenesis. This indicator can vary from 28 hPa in 24 hours at the poles to approximately 9 hPa in 24 hours at 20 N latitudethis last value being calculated at the southern limit where the phenomenon was been observed till now.

The Italian National Weather Service from the Mediterranean Sea basin has adopted critical value 1 Bergeron that represents a lowering of the pressure in the center of at least 17 hPa in 24 hours which corresponds to the average latitude of 38 N. In our case, the lowest value for the atmospheric pressure was Results This event took place in a quite abnormal climatic conditions, with a neutral NAO index and slightly negative Oyo și kristine dating index A low pressure area dominating the central Mediterranean Basin was linked with a large persistent Rossby wave geopotential negative anomalythat remained for 3 weeks in Western Europe Fig.

A maritime arctic air mass came from north-west Europe and reached Italy and Balkan Peninsula.


The main cold front that came separated the chill unstable Italian air mass from the warm, also unstable eastern Mediterranean air mass.

Regarding the Black Sea, the surface temperature was between C, with C upper than the monthly normal values. Oyo și kristine dating 00 UTC in December 2nd, the cyclone we analyzed here was not formed yet. There were two disturbances, a short-wave over the area of the Ionian Sea with its axis extending NV-SE negatively titled and a cut-off low over the Sicilian Channel, observed at the hPa level fig. At the same hPa level, as a band, we can see two vorticity advection areas Fig.

The trough axis is still negatively tilted, thus generating cyclonic vorticity Gaza and Bosar, It can be note that the cyclonic vorticity advection as a dynamical factor begins with 12 hours before the cyclone development Fig. The explosive phase has just started.

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The intrusion of stratospheric dry stable air in the troposphere oyo și kristine dating, visible on the satellite infrared WV Channel as a black tongue shape Santurette and Georgiev indicates the presence of an active dynamic tropopause anomaly.

The maximum potential vorticity area PV max became gradually narrower. The intrusion of dry air created local instability and upward motions that led to the organization of deep convection into a line on the eastern flank of the intrusion.

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