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These trees lining a boardwalk make for pictura metode de dating landscape with a sense of space. Ready for a Girls Night?

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Look no further! Plan your night out with the Social Easel! Here's how we created ours!

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Materials: Crayola Tempera Paint Big Kid's Choice brushes q-tips paint cups Value is the element of art that has to do with the lights and darks of a color. In this painting, I only used purple, white, and black to create it.

When you add white to a color, that creates a tint.

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When you add black to a pictura metode de dating, that creates a shade. I'm back!! We had an amazing summer, it just flew by so fast! This is our newest family member, "Bunbun" that we got this summer. He's the cutest bunny alive!

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So many things have changed and I am now teaching at a new campus. We are doing SO many fun things in the art room so I will continue to post for a few days until I catch up!!

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Local artists guide you step-by-step through a painting while you enjoy wine and have fun with friends. We made these snowy landscapes by mixing different tints and shades of the same color.

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We also discussed perspective, and how far away things look smaller than close-up things in this case, trees. My students did a really nice job painting the trees!

Wikimedia Commons conține materiale multimedia legate de Naturi moarte Natura statică sau natura moartă este reprezentarea în artele vizuale a unor obiecte neînsuflețite, din natură sau ordonate în mod voluntar. Prin definiție, natura moartă este un gen de reprezentare grafică sau picturală a unui grup de obiecte inanimate naturale, constând în glastră cu flori, fructe sau legume așezate pe o fructieră, vânat, o vază, sticlă, amforă, o narghilea sau un ceainic, pahare, farfurii, piese la care sunt asortate uneori și cărți, un ziar împăturit, într-o combinație artificială și un element textil ori două, ca suport cromatic. Erau reprezentate obiecte care ar fi servit în viața de dincolo a celor decedați.

I broke trees down to three kinds of line to simplify them; the tree trunk is a thick line, the branches are medium lines, and the little twigs are skinny lines. I guess it is time to start creating some beautiful winter projects. I love the change of seasons and winter does not disappoin… Privacy.

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