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CCC Days. New Delhi 5* I Agra 5* I Jaipur 5* I Mumbai 5* De la US$1,

New Delhi Stați de la Despre oraş: Located on the banks of river Yamuna and in the northern part of the country, Delhi is India's capital city and the home of the Government.

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Delhi is a huge chaotic city, full of contrasts. While Delhi is in many ways the essence of dating online jaipur city India, because of its long history, it has many ancient and medieval monuments, archaeological sites and important remains and it is considered one of the oldest existing city in the world.

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Delhi is divided between the narrow, overcrowded alleys of Old Delhi, including its main street Chandni Chowk, where not much has changed in recent times, and the wide, clean tree-lined streets of New Delhi.

The government and its offices reside in New Delhi, the official capital, while most of its historic neighborhoods and monuments lie in Old Delhi. Delhi inherited an astonishing number of splendid monuments from various architectural periods and it is just a joy to wander around this fascinating metropolis.

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Mysterious and magical, Delhi is today a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis with trendy lounge bars, theme restaurants, nice shops and everything there is to expect of a modern capital city.

Delhi is a city of the present and future, but it is deeply steeped in history and has a lot to show for it.

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